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One of the earliest freight forwarders of record is the now defunct Thomas Meadows and was established in 1836.

The original function of the forwarder was to arrange for the carriage of his customers goods by contracting with various carriers. His responsibilities included advice on all documentation and customs requirements in the country of origin or destination. His correspondent agent overseas looked after his customers and kept him informed about matters that would affect movement of goods.

Edex Forwarding B.V. continues this tradition, dedicated to serve clients with old fashioned service and quality. In modern times the forwarder still carries out those same responsibilities for his clients. He still operates either as a domestic carrier, or otherwise with a corresponding agent overseas or with his own company branch-office in a single transaction.

Edex Forwarding offers clients total logistics under one roof (see services) at the highest possible service and client dedication.We offer you our service, experience and dedication and know that you have made the correct choice in selecting Edex Forwarding as your total logistics provider.

We thank you in advance for your trust in our company.

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